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Our goal was to provide tracking and auditing of Claremont Construction's utilization goals. We can provide this service through direct consulting or try our NClusion Diversity Compliance Management System. Get in touch today.

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NCHC - Renovation and Additio


With this project, I helped my client identify their mission specify their goals. I then provided expert advice and strategic planning to help them succeed in the long run. It was a hit; both the client and myself were extremely satisfied with the end result and went on to collaborate on more projects together.

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The Donald M. Payne Sr, VOTECH School Project

2015 - 2018

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. I work hard to make sure my clients reach their goals by providing them with the compliance monitoring services.  We are tracking the contract and workforce utilization goals and working with the project team achieve a great end result.

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